I have never been a breakfast person (naughty, I know!) however, after the Coles Gluten Free and Healthy Living Expo, where I purchased Pura Veda, I have been completely converted and have it for breakfast daily.

I was lured into the tiny stall by a hyperactive, overly chatty, hippy looking sales person who offered me a little cup of gluten free Pura Veda bircher and promised me a range of health benefits in a bag. I was skeptical, but he said all the right things and even up-sold me their “expo special, mega pack” – I must have sucker written on my forehead because this happened to me many times that day!

My skepticism wasn’t necessary, Pura Veda, a natural mix of wholegrains, seeds and raisins, is a great gluten free alternative to cereals which typically contain gluten and lots of sugar and it keeps me full for longer (how cliché do I sound!).

The Pura Veda website (and the energetic salesman) claims that Pura Veda is a fantastic source of protein, fibre, Omega 3 and works as a detox and natural weight loss product (personally, the weightloss aspect hasn’t been the biggest benefit for me). Retailing at $20 for a 1kg bag, the mix is free from gluten, additives, dairy, and heaps more. View the other benefits here.

Pura Veda, taken from the Conscious Foods website.

Pura Veda, taken from the Conscious Foods website.

Pura Veda can be eaten on its own as a breakfast cereal (I add water), combined into other breakfast cereals or made into bircher muesli. The website even suggests adding it to dishes such as salads and stir fries “for a natural fiber, vitamin and mineral boost”. I eat mine with my other new found gluten free coup, COYO, coconut milk yoghurt.

The COYO website describes it as “heaven in a mouthful” (I agree!) and says that it is 100% dairy free, gluten free, guilt free vegan yogurt. At around $12.50 a tub, it is expensive but it is also a great alternative for coeliacs, those who are gluten and dairy intolerant and vegans.

It is quite rich, so as well as being a great breakfast option mixed with Pura Veda and blueberries (if I have exercised I throw a scope of protein powder into the mix), it also makes for a great desert with frozen berries. If you haven’t tried COYO, you need to do this right now! Click here to find your local stockist.

COYO comes in four different flavours and COYO ice cream is also available in three flavours…I’ll be trying the chocolate flavoured ice cream next!

Natural flavoured COYO coconut yoghurt.

Natural flavoured COYO coconut yoghurt.


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