After my first blog post on Friday (and after receiving so much support from all of you) I was pumped for my first gluten free (GF) weekend. I headed straight home after work for a gluten free snack (Chick Nuts, thanks mum!), and dived head first into a gluten battlefield, where I stayed for the rest of the weekend.

After visiting my friend’s adorable new puppy Brooklyn, we decided on Tao in Innaloo for a casual dinner . Well, gluten dropped its first bomb, the tempura prawns! They looked so delicious, but as tempura is well and truly out, I opted for sashimi instead. It was cut very thick, and it just wasn’t the same without soy sauce (soy sauce contains wheat).

To avoid accidental gluten ingestion, I asked the waitress which menu items were GF and she very kindly hand wrote me my own GF menu. I chose the Pho Ga (chicken breast in rice noodle soup, with green onions and coriander) and to my huge delight, so did almost everyone else at the table – FOMO (fear of missing out) crisis averted!

The gluten free menu at Tao.

The gluten free menu at Tao.

The Pho Ga was nice and healthy, however gluten still managed to creep up on me in a sneaky little bowl of chili sauce served on the side of the Pho Ga. The troops had my back and suggested I check with the waitress (who wrote the GF list and also served me the evil bowl of gluten, go figure!) she confirmed it to be inedible… phewf that was close! My new number one rule is to ask questions, and lots of them.

The Pho Ga dish at Tao.

The Pho Ga dish at Tao.

Gluten went into Saturday night with guns blazing. We had organised to have fish and chips at Cottesloe beach, which, upon reflection, was not the best idea for a new glutard! I became so overwhelmed and stressed about what to order, I ended up buying almost everything in the shop! $60 and half an hour later I emerged with enough food to feed a small army, however the only suitable items for me to eat were grilled fish (no flour) and a garden salad.

I spent the entire meal googling “Can coeliac’s eat chips at a fish and chip shop” (for the record, no we can’t!) and watching my friends eat battered fish, which looked much nicer than my dry mackerel.

It was me vs gluten and gluten was kicking my butt!

Gluten may have won this time, however there’s always next weekend and I already have some moves up my sleeve in the form of homemade GF meatballs, recipe to come!


7 thoughts on “GOING INTO BATTLE

  1. Nat your blog is fantastic!!! Two posts in and I’m already hooked!
    Not just because I am a fellow glutard (definitely not as strict), but because you write so well! Keep it up, I’ll be checking in hourly for your next update 🙂 Mik xx

    • Thanks so much Mik, you’re so lovely! It’s great to hear that other glutards actually want to read this blog 🙂 Also, thanks for all your tips, they have been such a big help! xx

  2. Nat you are AMAZING!!! Can’t wait to read more about recipes and restaurants i can take my glutard boyfie to. We should have a gluten free dinner party! Maybe i can show you some of my GF deserts xxxxx

    • I’ll take a GF desert cooking lesson from the desert pro (aka you!) any day! I am enlisting you for GF blog research next week xxx

  3. Great blog! You should check out our new online store The Paleo Market for a heap breakfast and snack options (& recipe books). The paleo (“caveman”) diet doesn’t allow gluten either so everything on there is fine for celiacs 🙂

    • Hi Bec! Thanks for your message.

      I was actually looking at your site just the other day after my friend Jess told me how great your products are. I am looking forward to my first purchase, I think I might start with something from the sweet tooth section!!


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