Hi! My name is Natalie Biagioni, and this blog is about my journey to becoming the Queen B (B for Biagioni) of all things gluten free (GF)!

Right now, as of this very minute I am a self-confessed, diehard, food fanatic – I eat what I want, when I want. I am a born and bred Perthian, with a European family who love to feed me pastas, cakes, biscuits and breads. Our whole family dynamic revolves around eating and hey, I’m not going to say no to delicious handmade pasta covered in fresh homemade sugo … who would!

So (back to the point!), you can imagine the shock and horror that hit me at 8.10am yesterday morning, when I met with my doctor and she confirmed that I have Coeliac Disease. My first thought was, oh no! No more Torres cutlets!

Alas, I began mourning my glorious gluten filled life. I ate every bit of every wheat product in my sight. I told myself “this is the last time I will eat a kit kat” and “I will start eating GF on Monday”. I even shed a tear for the arancini I won’t be able to eat at my birthday dinner next weekend!

After feeling very sorry for myself for most of the morning (and a majority of last week, before the test results came through), I was shown a documentary at work titled ‘The Ride’. It’s about four wheelchair bound men who travel on quad bikes to the sites of their accidents. The sheer difficulty that these men face every day snapped me back to reality pretty quickly. I realised very fast that eating gluten free is not the worst thing that could happen to a person!

Voilà! Here I am writing a blog to tackle my new life head on. My plan is to use this blog as inspiration, to stay on track and to document all the great products I find and the best places – in whichever city or town I am in – to eat gluten free!

The best bit is, after setting up this blog, I have found that I want to get started on my new gluten free diet right now.  No more wallowing, no more last bites, no more excuses. Here starts my journey to becoming Queen B… I hope you will join me!

Natalie xx



  1. Good stuff babe! I’m a constantly lapsing wheat and dairy and pretty much everything intolerant, so maybe u will be inspiration for me to get stuck back into it! U will notice such a change when u follow it well x

  2. Hi Queen B

    I am here to offer you all the support in the world! 6 months ago I found out that I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, which like coeliac disease is an auto-immune disorder. Pretty much our immune system attacks anything in our bodies which it sees as a threat, commonly being anything gluten (wheat), dairy and in my case also my thyroid tissue. When our body attacks itself it causes inflammation which causes the rest of our bodily processor to slow down ad not work properly, ie bloating, fatigue, headaches etc etc (in a nut shell). I have been gluten and dairy free now for 2.5 months and the results have been amazing. Although I am going for a blood test next week to see if Im a coeliac, if I was a guessing person I’d back myself in. There are so many alternatives out there these days and you can still eat yummy Torres cutlets only get yourself a gluten free crumb and do it yourself then pass them to Ryan to cook for you 🙂 there are yummy melting moments, GF pasta and cupcake mix at woollies, GF yummy bread rolls at Coles and butter well you go with nuttlex. Green smoothies for breakfast are so good for you if you have a juicer and blender! I know it’s a kick in the guts and its a lot to take it but if you have any questions or want any tips from a newly reformed GF just let me know 🙂 good luck and stay strong, I find if you let all your family and friends know they will go out of their way to help you stay on track – stick to it an you’ll be amazed how much better you will feel.
    Cheers Leone x

    • Hi Leone,

      I am so sorry to hear you have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and may have Coeliac disease as well. Fingers crossed the tests come back negative!

      Thank you so much for your recommendations, it is nice to hear there are still yummy things to eat when you’re eating GF and it’s not all like cardboard! I will definitely have to get myself a juicer now too. You’re not wrong about help from family and friends, I have let a few know already and have been overwhelmed by their amazing responses and support! My parents and Ryan have even offered to go GF for me.

      Thanks for reading my first post and for your support!

      Natalie x

      • That’s amazing they are so supportive, that’s definitely very encouraging for you getting better as quickly as possible x great idea to run a blog, I hope you can get as much information as you can from it as well as helping others on your journey. Positivity is key and it sounds like you have have in spades so good luck and all the best hunny.

        Leone x

  3. Miss Nat, Queen B, I am so proud of you for writing this. You will soon be an inspiration to not only yourself but to many others and your passion to help others will ensure your journey is a successful and motivating one. CB x

  4. Awww CB! Thanks so much for your lovely, motivating words! I really do hope this can help others as much as it is helping me 🙂 x

  5. Hi there,
    I hope your well – I just found this online and thought it may help:

    Coles Gluten Free Expo
    March 16th & 17th
    Convention Centre Perth

    Cheers 🙂

    • Hi Leone!

      Thanks for letting me know! I will definitely be going 🙂

      I hope everything has been going well with you!


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